Activity Clubs

KidCo Independent Day Nursery Activity Clubs

Extra Curricular Activity Clubs

As well as our KidCo Summer and Half Term Activity clubs we also offering Extra Curricular Activity Clubs which are run and managed by our carefully selected outside teams. They provide certain activities at KidCo that we feel will help and encourage your child/children in a positive and fulfilling way.

For more information and details about these clubs please click and select from the activities below. To show an interest in any of the clubs you can also use our form at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions about any of these activities please contact each organiser directly.

Please note that you will need to pay each Activity Club Organiser directly.


Yoga for Kids

Please contact Tuesday Guidera direct at Kids that Yoga with your child’s name and class.



Please visit Tiny Tekkers for more information and how to book.

Spanish Lessons

Please contact Helen Bohorquez direct at Spanish Lessons for Kids with your child’s name and class.


Ballet Lessons

Please email Miss Jenny directly with KidCo Ballet as the subject matter and your child’s name and class.

If you’re not sure where to start contact Lisa and she will answer any questions you may have.