Terms & Conditions

KidCo Independent Day Nursery Terms & Conditions


The Nursery reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions as and when the need arises. One month’s notice will be given in writing regarding any changes. By enrolling your child at our setting, you accept our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

Operational hours:
Monday to Friday 8-6pm. We are closed on bank holidays and for 1 week at Christmas.

A Fee of £95.00 is payable for administration cost and is non-refundable or transferable (Except for EYFE only places).
A KidCo Holiday Clubs Administration Fee of £75.00 is payable to secure a KidCo Holiday Club place for your child. The fee is non-refundable or transferable.

Confirmation of place:
The child’s place will be confirmed in writing via email. The confirmation will include details of the child’s commencement date along with the required settle sessions which are chargeable.

Nursery Fees:
Fees are calculated on your regular weekly attendance pattern, any extras will show as such on your monthly invoice. Go to Fees now..>

The initial payment of fees will be determined by the child’s commencement date with us and will include all sessions booked from that date, up to and including the remainder of that month.
Our fees will include most of the things your child needs during their day, including 3 healthy snacks, 2 freshly cooked nutritional meals and sundry items such as nappies, pull ups, wipes, sun cream, bibs and aprons, Calpol and a bag to store spare clothes.

NB From age 3 years – Meals will attract an additional charge £6 per day or £3 per meal on funded days.

As per guidance from DfE, meals are not compulsory in this instance however we do encourage parents to take up the offer of a freshly cooked nutritious hot meal where possible to benefit your child’s wellbeing.

If you would like to discuss a packed lunch option, please contact the general manager.

Payment may be made by: Tax-Free Childcare or internet banking, our account details can be found on page 2 of our prospectus.

Please Note:
On commencement of a child attending the nursery, the nursery fees shall be paid in full and any voucher payments will be deducted from subsequent months.

The nursery reserves the right to review the fees. In the event of there being changes to the fees, one calendar month’s written notice shall be given. A refund will not be given where a child is absent from nursery due to sickness or holiday.

If fees remain outstanding for more than 10 days:

1. The nursery reserves the right to change a late payment fee of 8% on any outstanding balance.

2. The nursery may serve 14 days’ notice in writing to terminate the contract. Upon termination of this contract the child shall cease forthwith to be admitted to the nursery and the nursery notice to terminate shall be regarded as a formal demand for all outstanding monies.

Upon registration parents are given the option to receive emails. These emails include:

1. Information and updates regarding the nursery such as newsletters, upcoming events, parents open mornings, curriculum and policy updates. Where appropriate both parent/carers who have legal contact with the children can request this information to be sent to a separate email address.

2. Account information including invoices and statements of accounts. This information can only be sent to the main bill payer.

The parent/carer must provide an email address that can only be accessed by those intended. If this email address is not a personal email account, the parent/carer must take full responsibility to ensure its content and attachments are strictly confidential.

The nursery keeps copies of all information sent to parents/carers by email. You agree that such emails will be deemed received by you at the time of sending.

You acknowledge that the nursery may publish photographs, artwork and other personal data relating to your child where specific content has been given by you on the registration paperwork.

Types of sessions and conditions of booking:
The session types available are set sessions (Further details of these, accompanied by the Fee Schedule).

Set sessions are permanently booked recurring sessions or days requiring one full calendar months’ notice in writing should this is necessary to change. Please note we are unable to swap days or sessions.

Extra sessions/hours:
We are happy to offer extra sessions and hours if they are available.

1. Please try to give as much notice as possible if you require extra sessions so that we can organise staff and food for your child.

2. Extra sessions booked but not taken are not refundable or transferable.

Cancellation/Termination of Contract:
After the child’s initial admission to the nursery either party may terminate this contract by giving one calendar months’ notice in writing. This period is subject to the termination not being due to non-payment of fees as outlined above. During that said one-month period the nursery undertakes to continue to admit the child and the parent/carer undertakes to pay for all fees due. In the event of the parent/carer failing to pay the month’s fees the child’s place shall be immediately withdrawn and the nursery shall be entitled to serve a formal demand for payment such of such monies.

In the event of the parent/carer giving notice of withdrawal of the child and immediately withdrawing the said child there shall be due to the nursery, one calendar month’s fees in lieu of notice. Failure by the parent/carer to provide one calendar months’ notice or any notice at all shall render the parent/carer liable to the nursery for one month’s fees.

Notice must be made in writing by email to the General Manager or Senior Office Manager

Late Collection Policy:
The nursery reserves the right to charge parent/carers when they do not collect their child by the nursery’s closing time, a £25.00 fee will be charged.

Notification of Absence/ Lateness: The parent/carer is expected to notify the nursery if their child is going to be late or absent from the nursery.

Unforeseen Closure:
In the event of closure of the nursery due to extreme weather conditions, transport difficulties, flooding, loss of utility supplies, heating failure, or other causes beyond the reasonable control of the nursery (please refer to our Critical Incident Policy), the nursery will close and the parent/carer accepts no refund of fees will be made due to continued operational costs.

Absence/Holiday/Sickness & Emergency Treatment:
Absence for any reason, holidays and sick days are fully chargeable.

Children must not attend nursery when they are unwell or suffering from a contagious illness or infection. In the event of a child becoming ill at the nursery, the parent or nominated carer will be contacted to arrange to take their child home.

In the case of an infectious condition the recommended exclusion time must elapse before the child can be readmitted to the nursery (the nursery can advise on this).

In the case of an emergency, nursery staff will call health professionals. A senior member of staff will accompany the child to the hospital until the child’s parent/carer arrives. The nursery will continue to contact their parent/carer if they had not been able to reach them immediately.

Policies and Procedures:
These are available to all parents in our main nursery corridor.

Social Networking:
We require both staff and parents to be responsible and professional in their use of social networking sites in relation to any connection to the nursery, nursery staff, parents or children. In the interest of safeguarding all children, we ask that parents don’t share any photos or video footage on social media sites.

Complaints Procedure:
The nursery complies with a laid down complaint’s procedure, a copy of this is held in the nursery in compliance with Ofsted requirements.

Safeguarding Children’s Policy:
The nursery observes the Children’s Act 2006

Ofsted Registration:
The nursery is registered with Ofsted and complies with all Ofsted procedures.

Loss or Damage:
The nursery does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage of property on its premises.

Employment of KidCo staff by parents:
Babysitting may be arranged between parents and staff, KidCo Ltd does not provide this as part of its service and can assume no responsibility for staff or children during these arrangements. Parents may not employ our staff for any purpose on a part or full time basis between the hours of 07.30-18.30 Monday through to Friday without the payment of a recruitment fee based on 17.5% of their current salary. Staff may not work for any of our customers for a period of 6 months after their departure, unless specifically agreed by KidCo Ltd and the parents, in the case that permission is given the same fees above will apply.

Children’s Clothing:
Parents must provide suitable clothing, please provide a spare set of clothes in case of accidents, your child will also require suitable shoes and jackets for outside play. During wet weather, a light weight all in one suit and wellington boots are required. Please name all your child’s items.

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